All That Glitters : Standing On The Edge of “More”

This week’s blog topic came to me while visiting some wonderful friends and sitting beside their beautiful fireplace on a cold winter night. It was just like a scene from a commercial: the lovely ladies relaxing on the sofa, sipping eggnog, engaged in intelligent and meaningful conversation, and the men hanging out, engaged in, well, men talk (whatever that is). My friend made the statement that went something like this (and I don’t think she’ll mind that I’m paraphrasing her), “Some people get restless when things don’t seem as shiny as they once were — that’s when the desire for “more” comes in.”

I nodded, smiling, in complete agreement, “You’re right. And that, my dear friend, will be the topic of this week’s blog.”

Sitting by the fire that winter evening, I was thankful for the simple things : friends who open their home to us, wonderful conversation, yummy beverages, tasty snacks, and laughing children. At that point in time, it was hard to imagine wanting anything more. But, my friend’s statement rings true, and I think we’ve all been there. The simple things in life are not what all the people seek, all the time. Shininess does wear off and people get bored with what they have and, consequently, they want more. The novelty, excitement, and newness of material things, relationships, and situations thins out. Many of us find ourselves left looking for “more” to replace them.

‘Tis the season: the season to be jolly, the season to be merry, the season to admire the tinsel and glitter, and the season to want more.

I decided to consider this realm of thought in relation to the Christmas season. In many ways, the world has lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas has become less about Christ and more about commercialism. The season can find itself more focused on materialism instead of the birth of our Saviour. Sometimes the focus is more about gifts and receiving than it is about giving and loving others.

Gifts are wonderful, there’s no denying that. The tradition of giving gifts actually dates back to the 4th century in Turkey with Saint Nicholas, a Christian Bishop, who was known for his generousity in giving to those who were less fortunate than he was. In that time, gifts were homemade foods and sweets, oranges, handcrafted gifts (such as socks, sweaters, dresses, blankets, tables, chairs, etc.). (information courtesy of But, even before that, the Wise Men brought gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Today, gift giving isn’t usually quite so simple. Many of us stress and struggle over what to give and whether it will be enough. Standards have been set so high in relation to what we are happy with, that many of the stresses of the season are centered around whether anything we give (or receive!) will be enough. Each day we are given many blessings. It’s a shame that, for the most part, we just don’t realize and appreciate them enough. I like to believe that in our busy and bustling society today, the greatest gift that someone can give others is their time. Time is so precious, especially to those of us who have so little of it to spare!

Sometimes we want “more” in terms of being “better than” others. We might desire things for our own reasons, but our desire for those things may be that they also place us in a better social status or position in comparison to what others have. The term “keeping up with the Joneses” comes to mind. In some cases, the search for “more” lends itself to having more than someone else does and feeling more satisfied with ourselves when we do. “More” becomes less about us and more about what we have in relation to other people.

As well, “more” can also be the desire for more in terms of the people who we are with. Some of us become dissatisfied in relationships when the newness and the excitement begins to dwindle. As soon as things begin to seem less glossy and shiny, it can be tempting to move on to bigger and brighter things, including the people in our lives. And, when things get tough, it can be even more tempting to search for those things which make the heart beat faster, cause the butterflies in the stomach feeling, and give that an adrenaline rush.

The risk we take when we stand on the edge of “more” is that “more” may never be “enough”. Our quest to keep the glitter and magical feeling of the “shiny”, the brightness of things, may never be complete. We may be standing on the threshold of basking in the radiance and gleam of that something or someone new, all the while looking to set our sights on the next lustrous and sparkly thing. It could be that it is the human condition to continuously search for “more” and “better”, but perhaps the quest is much “more” than even that.

(Dear Readers, I continue to appreciate and thank you for your support. I am so blessed to have your reads, likes, shares, and comments! Writing For The Love Of It is now read in 10 countries! Blessings Always, ~ K ~)


6 thoughts on “All That Glitters : Standing On The Edge of “More”

  1. Well said my dear 🙂 I totally understand and relate to this blog more than any you have written thus far. Love that you wrote from the heart, and posted this very real and common problem among us all!! xo ❤ Now if only everyone in the world would read this blog, sit back and think about not only how others seem to over look the true meaning of Christmas and the simpler things in life, but just how much we ourselves have let others and commercialisim come between the people we love the most!! Thanks for posting xo Great inspirational bolg 🙂

  2. Well truly great read at this time of the year. I believe inner happiness can not be bought but can be found in how we are recieved and loved by our friends and family. I think everybody has had that moment when we think life can not get better then this but over time the memory fades and it loses its shine but it will always glitter in our mind. We move on and look for more better moments but those times will never be forgotten. Great read and always it made me think deeper and about something that may have never come to my mind. THANK YOU

  3. Wonderful message… I call this the “sparkle effect”. I find days what we have may have more sparkle than others. And, I try earnestly to see the sparkle in all that I have, but truthfully get caught up in the rat race in search for “more”.
    I returned to work after being at home with my kids for many reasons, but if I were completely truthful, a major factor was money. Not that I needed it, but wanted it. I wanted some sparkle again… This week an unfortunate situation left me wondering, why did I come back? I was “poor” while off, but I was so happy. Wanting more sometimes brings us to great things… family and children being the greatest of those I’ve ever wanted. I believe a career is another valuable “more”. But that quest for more can also bring us to places that challenge our spirit.
    Good news is being places we’d rather not be also makes us stronger and hopefully, a bit smarter. I came home that night this week to crying children and a frustrated husband, but saw nothing but sparkle! Sincerely, I could not have loved the setting any more! My spirit was renewed with a reminder of my many blessings. My sparkle.
    Thank you for yet another wonderful blog and lovely message during this Christmas season.

  4. I’m so glad you found your sparkle, and more glad that you took the time to share it with us 🙂 I do believe that Christmas has gotten lost in the commercialism. What we need to remember when making ourselves sick with maxing out the credit card is that our children will likely not remember the gifts they got at Christmas as they grow up, they will remember the dinners and gatherings with friends and family. That’s the real glitter of it all 🙂

  5. Excellent topic to discuss. Every word is very true and nothing means more to me than being able to spend time with family and friends! Keep up the great work, I am very proud of you! Love Aunt Pam ❤

  6. Great read Kim…I also find this blog to be the one I can relate to the most. I truly believe our paths have crossed for a reason. Keep being you and letting everyone know the beautiful, inspirational, thoughts that are going through your pretty little head. Much love…

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