Ask Me How My Day Was (K.Blais)

I had a great day today. I don’t often to take the time to say that, or to write about it. Often I find myself discussing and writing about life’s more challenging issues and moments, but today I had to take the time to say that it was a pretty great day.
Nothing hugely spectacular happened – I didn’t find an agent or publisher. I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t solve any of the world’s major problems. I didn’t resolve any big issues which have been plaguing me. I didn’t mend any fences, or restore any bridges. I didn’t find a miracle for becoming fit and/or losing weight.
But here’s what did happen:
I woke up in a warm bed, in a warm house, beside a dog who loves me. Slipping on comfy slippers, I went downstairs where my favourite son greeted me good morning in one room and coffee was waiting for me in the other. I was going about my morning routine when my beloved daughter awoke, greeting me another good morning, and we all got ready for school/work.
I travelled to my job, where I work with the best colleagues and friends around. (I work in the best workplace environment where each and every day I feel respected and loved by my administration and my coworkers. This is the honest-to-goodness truth.) I started the day in my little world where I get to foster creativity, encourage problem solving and critical thinking, and where I get to help shape little minds and their futures.
I was privileged to spend an excellent pot luck lunch with my fabulous colleagues, sharing laughs about work, parenthood, and mommy diapers. Maybe you had to be there for that conversation. I exchanged text messages with some dear friends.
My afternoon passed by speedily including more laughs (sometimes ironic ones) and fun moments that only a classroom teacher can have, some small steps forward with some behavior intervention, followed by some shopping with my beloved daughter before her skating session.
During skating, my daughter passed her final level of her program thereby moving her up into the next program levels for next year. (So proud!) I stopped on my way home for some baby hugs from the sweetest little girl born only a couple of months ago, and I got home in enough time to put (mostly) everything away, to organize the kids into homework and baths, and to sit down to write this blog.
To me, this was a great day.
Most people often don’t take the time to appreciate the great days. My dear friend and I used to joke around about those we knew who, when asked how they were, would respond with “Great!” or “Fantastic!” Personally, I know my joking around about those “Great!” people was out of envy. I’m usually an “Ok” or a “Fine” kind of person, but I wish I was a “Great!” person to be honest. I am someone who needs to appreciate more of those great days – the ones which pass by with smiles, laughter, simple pleasures, and small accomplishments, all of which are great blessings from God.
Some weeks those great days are few and far between so we need to hold on to them and to acknowledge them when we can. Those great days can bring us light when the darker ones seem to prevail and can give us hope that things will indeed get better, when we wonder if they ever will. As much as we learn from the not-so-great days, we can learn so much from the great days as well. We can appreciate the comfort of good routines and we can cherish the fact of how our lives are simple yet sweet at the same time.
And, yes, even those great days can come grinding to a halt as my kids argue over a game, I realize that the kitchen is still a mess, and that I’ll be up later tonight than I expected.
But that’s the nice thing about great days – they don’t have to be perfect, you just have to have the perspective to realize that in all their imperfection they can still be great.


4 thoughts on “Ask Me How My Day Was (K.Blais)

  1. What a sweet and made me smile post ❤️ You are absolutely right, we all have bad days and we as humans tend to make it known when we have one 😛 so glad you had a wonderful day and even more happy that you shared it with us 💓 hope you have many many more 👍 xo 😁

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