Fabulous Things That I Forget (K.Blais)

I decided this month would begin as a fresh start. 2015 came in with a thump for me and it took me the entire month of January to realize that I need to make a brand new beginning to 2015.

I have compiled a list of fabulous things (in no particular order) that I forget to do and I am going to focus for the month of February on remembering to do them.

1. Take a bubble bath (or soak in the hot tub). Yes it’s true. I have 1500 L of hot water always waiting for me just a few steps out my back door, a majestic view to admire, and I have been neglecting to take the time to use it! I also have a jet tub in which I could soak much of the stress and strain of the day away, but once again, I don’t take even 10 minutes to soak in it. Sad, isn’t it?

2. Read. I forget how important it is to submerge myself in someone else’s writing. I forget how soothing it can be to lose myself in another world, even for just a few moments. Also, it’s a fact that reading makes one a better writer. I need to remember to read because I love reading!

3. Write. I need to take more time to write because it is something that I truly enjoy doing. I love to write – blogs, fiction, anything. I have to take the time to write more and to pursue my writing goals. Writing more will make me a better writer too.

4. Pray. So often I let my worries consume me. My fears and anxiety gets the best of me. I forget to lean on my beliefs and to simply trust. I need to pray more and I need to remember to do my best and to let God handle the rest!

5. Exercise. I truly find perspective when I take the time to walk and exercise properly. A walk through the woods is sometimes all I need to see the world in a new light, to find a renewed perspective, and to reestablish my faith that my life is exactly how God planned it to be.

6. Abolish the ANTs (all negative thoughts). This one is a hard one. I often say that no one needs to criticize me because I am the most critical of myself anyway. This is going to be one fabulous thing that will always be a work in progress for me…

7. Talks and Hugs. Seems hard to believe that I would forget to talk, if you know me at all. The one thing I do forget to do is to reach out and vent at the times when I need to the most. I’m often afraid that I’m “whining” or claiming that “my life is so hard”. I’m going to try to remember that we were put on earth to help one another and that communication and relationships with other human beings will often bring us comfort. My friends and loved ones are always a great support to me (better than the most comfortable bra, ever!). I need to remember to reach out to them. In every really good conversation comes a hug of some sort too. So much comfort can come out of such a small gesture.

8. Rest. With a very busy family schedule and many volunteer responsibilities I forget the importance of resting. Usually when I find myself with some down time at home I feel the need to clean, catch up on laundry, and try to organize. What I forget is that my body and my mind need rest from those things too. The dust and dog hair will still be there tomorrow and one day I’ll finally get to the bottom of the laundry pile as well.

9. Play music. I play the piano and the organ for my church. I also enjoy listening to music in the car. I need to remember how much peace music can bring me and how it can add another element of perspective to my day as well.

10. Breathe. Deep breaths, in and out. One moment at a time. The simplest of things to remember to do, yet perhaps one of the most important.

Here’s to a month of fabulous things and remembering to do them!


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