Live, Laugh, Love (K.Blais)

This week I tried something different.
I tried to take life a little less seriously. Oh, don’t worry, for those who know me well, you’ll know that this is definitely going to be a work in progress for me as I tend to normally do the exact opposite, but I was struck by a feeling today that really surprised me.
I had the feeling of being a little less burdened down by everything I had to do.
Like many of us, I’m sure, I get so caught up in ‘having’ to do this and ‘having’ to do that, that I forget to actually do the things that I enjoy and want to do. And when there doesn’t seem to be the time to do those things, I grow resentful and grouchy about everything else that I must accomplish and get done. I mean those things must be done and, many times, no one else is going to do them, right?
Another thought struck me – I can still make life fun and do what has to be done.
It may not seem like an overly brilliant thought, but it was a thought that hit home with me as I rushed from one location to another, trading one ‘job’ for another. I laughed at something I remembered hearing and it felt good! And I thought, ‘This isn’t so bad if I can find something to laugh or smile about!’
Sometimes that’s all we need – a good conversation with a friend, a hug from someone who loves us, a text from someone who cares, a remembered thought that makes us laugh and smile – to remind us that life is about living, laughing, and loving.
So with these new and semi-brilliant thoughts, I made some decisions as well.
I decided to forgive, even when I am truly hurt by someone’s words, actions, or inactions, by realizing that love is worth more than anger.
I decided to live for the people, issues, and things that I care about, believe in, and love, because they are my greatest blessings.
I decided to laugh more and sigh less. Yes, I sigh, a lot. I’m not sure how or when I started sighing so much, but I do. I walk into a room and I sigh so loudly that people either laugh and say in understanding, ‘Oh, yes, I hear ya!’ or frown and ask what’s wrong. Sighing isn’t usually a happy sound, but laughing is. I want to laugh more.
I decided to love people for who they are, including their faults. Yes, that’s right I am going to love their faults as well because that’s what makes them who they are. When others hurt, betray, or disappoint me, I am going to pray for the strength to love them through these difficult times because no one is perfect and I would want someone to love me when I make mistakes as well.
I am going to pray for those who I don’t understand, those I can’t seem to please, and those who continue to (seemingly) try to knock me down, because that is what they need – my prayers.
I am going to try to focus on the positive things in life and move away from the negative.
I am working to make peace with words and to do more of what I love.
I want to continue taking life a little less seriously and to live in the moment. I want to laugh loudly and to love unconditionally.
Life is for living and was given for us to enjoy, even at its most un-enjoyable moments, so I want to do just that.


One thought on “Live, Laugh, Love (K.Blais)

  1. So true my dear!! What beautiful words to live by ❤️ I will try as a person to do the same, I mean shouldn’t we all 😘 great post my friend!! You are wise beyond our young years 😉

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