Focus, Please! (K.Blais)

I’m sitting down to write this blog post rather late. It’s been a busy day and I am home now, both kids are in bed, recycling has been taken out to the road, laundry has been moved from the washing machine to the dryer, the laundry from the dryer has been folded, a glass of wine has been poured, and now it is time to write.

But what is there to write about? What is there to focus on this week?

Many thoughts have run rampant through my head – maybe I should take a lighter tone this week as I was pretty rough on “people” last week. Maybe I should have just bailed on posting this week due to busy-ness and/or unpreparedness (although I really and truly hate not posting). Maybe I should “cheat” and post some fiction, even though I save the fiction for the third week of each month.

Then I realized that my focus this week, my blog topic, could be just that – focus.

Now before some of you start to giggle (there is an acronym for F.O.C.U.S. that some may know), I intend to write this post on the real meaning of focus as the center of interest or activity (Google dictionary).

I struggled to find a focus, a center of interest, for this week because, usually, at some point throughout the week, a topic will come to me and I will play it around in my head, deciding if it is something that I want to write about (by want I mean need). There are some weeks, however, where there seems to be nothing ‘jumping’ out at me, nothing which seems to need contemplating or hashing around through and in my blogging perspective.

Focus though is extremely important. It is important because when we are able to focus on something in particular, our focus drives us to complete, succeed at, or accomplish whatever it is that we have set our sights on. When we have a center of interest or activity in our lives, we have goals in mind, steps which we want to take, and motions we need to go through.

When our lives lack focus it is difficult to become motivated. We may feel like we are stumbling around aimlessly looking for something to point us in the right direction or to lead us down the correct path. When we have no focus, the days can seem long and empty with no real direction or aim.

Personally, I find it easier to focus on certain things when I make a list of achievements for myself. At the beginning of this summer I made a list of things which needed to be done in my home, for example cleaning areas which I can never seem to find the time to get at. I took great pleasure in creating this list as I focused in on striving to get to things which I hadn’t done since moving into this place three years ago! I took even greater pleasure in checking off the things as I accomplished them. What a sense of achievement! I spent less ‘wasted’ days feeling guilty for not getting anything done and more days feeling proud that I had been productive with my time.

But… as you all know, for everything that I was able to check off on my list, I found something new to add on to it. Since I was focusing on getting my house clean and organized, the more I cleaned and organized the more I found that still needed to be cleaned and organized! My sense of achievement waivered daily between pride and frustration at the amount I had accomplished and the amount that still needed to be done! Arghhh.

I thought about my focus quite a bit and decided that while it was important to have a clean and organized home, (for how long though, really?) I also needed to spend my summer off focusing on doing some things which I would truly enjoy as well. I’m still working on the list for those things, but on it I know I certainly need to reach out to friends who I haven’t seen or talked to in a while (you know who you are), to write more (to write anything!), and to try to have some carefree fun which I find harder and harder to carve out time to do, sadly enough.

The next (last, gasp!) two weeks will be busy each in their own way, but my focus will be a combination of completing a bit more of my cleaning list and doing some more enjoyable things that I want to do as well. I guess as long as I have a clear focus on what I need and want to accomplish then things will get done when and how they are supposed to. I am going to put my faith and focus in that.


One thought on “Focus, Please! (K.Blais)

  1. This topic could not have come at a better time 🙂 You have managed to open my eyes and really FOCUS on what should matter most! I have been struggling myself with what to focus on 😛 Between both jobs and all activities that have been surrounding our summer and trying to keep my own home running like a well oiled maching I have been losing sight of what needs to be done asap and what i can put off. Speaking of focusing sorry I am only just reading this now, (Busy last couple of weeks :/ ) but I always look forward to reading your post and seeing just how it pertains to me, and just how enlightening it is 🙂 Keep focus my friend! ❤

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