Musings Of A Mother (K.Blais)

It’s been another whirlwind week, which happens more often than not lately. The weekend doesn’t appear to be any less hectic, especially with Mother’s Day being on Sunday as well. So, with that being said, this week I decided to focus on mothers and motherhood.

Parenthood itself is one of the biggest responsibilities that we are given in life. For my male readers, I realize that many of you take on a lot of the roles and responsibilities of a mother that many women do also. Please consider this a tribute to mothers and to anyone who is like a mother.

Being a mother to two wonderful children, I have a deep respect to anyone who takes on this most noble and challenging role. I can honestly say that being a mom is the absolute hardest job that I have ever had, but it is also fully and completely the most rewarding. There are days where it is true; I want to scream, pull my hair out, and even have a temper tantrum of my own (“This can’t be my life?!?”), but there are also those many more days where I am filled with so much pride and happiness that I have been so blessed with my children.

(photo courtesy of Angie Wren

I have also been blessed with a wonderfully caring mother who has been my best friend throughout all my life. She has seen me through thick and thin and has never once left my side emotionally. I am also fortunate to have a caring mother-in-law who offers support, encouragement, and friendship as well. For some of us, our mothers are no longer with us in one sense or another, but perhaps there is still someone in our lives who fills that special mother-like role either as a family member or a special friend.

In considering mothers, motherhood, and even parenthood in general, I have thought a lot about the following: What is a mother?

A mother is someone who is there for you no matter what. She is your biggest fan, your loudest cheerleader, and your strongest defender. She is the one who believes in you regardless of the odds. She sees the potential in you no matter how many times you may have messed up, gotten it wrong, or fallen apart.

A mother is a sounding board, an options evaluator, and a listening ear when you just need to speak your thoughts out loud. She is the person who you can say anything to, who doesn’t judge you when you are whining, and who takes your side (perhaps while gently pointing out that there are other sides to the story too).

A mother is an on-call nurse, a sympathetic psychologist, and a guidance counselor extraordinaire. She guides with the best of intentions, but also leaves you to make your own decisions, and, consequently, to learn from your own mistakes.

A mother is a finder of lost things, a fantastic detective, and judge and jury all wrapped up in one. She promotes a strong sense of moral justice and sets an example of good citizenship, respect, and kindness to others.

A mother guards your secrets as if they were her own, models the strength and faith we should have, and strives to live a good life putting her family first above her own interests.

But… no mother is perfect. We are all human and so we all make mistakes. We may not always be the perfect example for our children. We may lose our confidence, lose our patience, and definitely lose our cool. We may forget to count our blessings and to groan and complain when the days are tough. We may lose sight of how precious each and every day is, and how, at a moment’s notice, it could all be gone. We may even neglect to think about how time will pass so quickly and in a blink of an eye our children will be grown and living on their own, maybe even as parents themselves.

This Mother’s Day, I am going to be thankful for my mom and the other special women that are mothers who I am grateful to have in my life, but I am also going to be thankful that I am a mother myself. I’m going to be thankful for the fact that I am a mom and I have two amazing children who I love to the moon and back. I’m going to celebrate the fact that as a mother I know that I’m not perfect, and I’ll never be perfect, but I made a promise to always try my best, to be the best mom I can to my kids, because I am the only one completely qualified for the job. Each day is a new day and a new opportunity to learn and I will celebrate the fact that my children help me to keep learning every day.

So, I will count my blessings each day and try to be the best, imperfect mom that I can be, thankful to be just that – a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!




One thought on “Musings Of A Mother (K.Blais)

  1. What a beautiful, heart touching post this week my dear ❤ You could not be more right… being a mother is the best thing in the WORLD 🙂 "Happy Mothers Day" to you!!

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