Be The Change: Moving From Me to WE (K.Blais)

It’s been another week of go-go-go. Fortunately, it’s also been a week without falling flat as well! While my bruises are healing, (and thank you for all of your well wishes and concern), the harried quality of my life hasn’t really slowed down. I have, however, tried to really keep my feet planted in the reality that I am very blessed to have the life which I have. This thought has led me to this week’s blog topic.

Every day we take for granted the privileges and rights which we have. I know that I am guilty of this just as much, perhaps if not more, than anybody.

There are many days when I feel burdened and weighed down with the responsibilities I have in my life. I sigh and inwardly groan when I have to do yet another load of laundry. I am filled with dread when I have to unload another round of dishes from the dishwasher. I often feel buried, suffocated even, under the baskets of laundry to put away, the furniture to dust, the floors to clean, the toys to sort, and the closets to de-clutter and empty. I have a tendency to “rebel” against these tasks at times also. I will argue with myself and refuse to empty the dishwasher just because “I don’t wanna!” Always though, the guilt of my immature rebellion gets to me and I tell myself to “grow up” and “get it done”.

Yesterday I was reminded, once again, how lucky I am to be “burdened” by such things.

I had the privilege of attending WE Day with a wonderful group of students and teachers from my school. It was an eye opening experience which I won’t soon forget. For those of you who are not familiar with it, WE Day is a celebration of the efforts of young people from across Canada who have worked to make a change in the world by holding at least one local and one global campaign for change and registering their initiatives with the Free The Children organization throughout the school year.

(image courtesy of

At WE day we listened to guest speakers of all ages ranging from Martin Luther King Jr. the Third to Queen Noor of Jordan to Hannah Alper (a ten year old blogger who shares her growing knowledge and concern for the environment through topics such as eco-friendly living, bullying, and child labour) to Spencer West. All of these speakers delivered a similar message – each one of us can do something as part of the generation that will change the world. When we move from ME thinking to WE thinking, we can help others who are less fortunate and we can make a difference.

Initiatives through Free The Children and ME to WE help to change the lives of people in India, Nicaragua, Kenya, Ecuador, Ghana, The Amazon, and China. By using sustainable materials and creating development and jobs, these organizations invite others to help make a difference in the areas of education, income, food, and water.

We all have our own personal struggles, challenges, and we all face adversity. Our own problems and issues can indeed be very difficult and consuming. Rising above our own needs and seeing that we can all help to make a difference at both the local and global levels can help us to handle and put into perspective our own daily struggles. I am fortunate to be burdened by loads of laundry to do because it means that I have clothes to wear. I am fortunate to have to unload my dishwasher every second day because it means that I have food to feed my family, dishes to eat the food on, and water to wash them with. I am fortunate to have to clean my house because it means that I have a home to live in with my family that keeps us warm, dry, and safe.

Not everyone in our world has these “burdens”. In fact, we take for granted things that others only wish they could experience. Issues plaguing our world such as poverty, human rights violations, local hunger, climate change, and homelessness are things which WE can help to improve. WE can make a difference to end bullying and physical abuse in our local community. WE can help to build homes in third world countries. WE just have to believe that we can and we just have to take the initiative to raise awareness and to make a plan.

WE can be the change we want to see in the world. WE can do this in a simple way by treating others the way we would want to be treated, with respect, care, and love, and on a more complex level by finding a passion in something we believe we want to help change and creating a plan to make it happen. Being a good citizen at both the local and global levels can be a goal which we all can achieve. And as the saying goes, every day should be WE Day.

For more information on ME to WE, Free The Children, or WE day please visit or



One thought on “Be The Change: Moving From Me to WE (K.Blais)

  1. Great post!! so motivational, heartwarming, and TRUE!! As a whole we are very luck for the things we have in our lives 🙂 We do need to think more, stop and just remember the great lives we lead! I love that we are able to help all these children and families an many other countires, but what I would love to see more of is our money and donated items helping more of the children and families right here in our own country of Canada, or even right here in our own communties. Sad to think about what so many do not have 😦 Thanks for the eye opener my dear. Could not have come at a better time!! ❤

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