Light Bulbs, Muses, and A-ha Moments (K.Blais)

This week I drew a blank. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. In the past when I wasn’t sure what to post about I would ask friends for suggestions and usually something would spark my interest. Sometimes it was those blog posts that even turned out to be personal favourites of mine. This week, nothing was sparking. There wasn’t anything that was fanning a flame for me to write about. This is sad, but oh-so-very-true.

Usually not thinking about blogging somehow leads me to a blog topic, almost like a light bulb moment when the electrical current flows through the bulb creating instantaneous light. This week that didn’t happen either.

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I blame the fact that today is the first day of spring and it seems anything but that. I debated writing a blog about spring and how it brings new growth, regeneration, positive thoughts, and happy green things. But, I realized I pretty much blogged about that last spring and, to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m a little irked about how long this winter has been, not being a big fan of the season to begin with. I’m past the “oh look how pretty the trees are with all the snow on them” stage to feeling sick to my stomach when it looks like December out my window instead of mid March.

I’ve been pretty grouchy lately and I blame the weather on that too. We finally have a little less hectic family schedule and I should be enjoying it. Instead, I near the evening thinking that I’m tired of staying inside all night. I know I don’t have to stay inside but it’s been so cold and miserable lately that I am having a hard time desiring to be outside. It’s hard to find things to be positive about when you are so sick of winter and when I am a tad irritable the creative juices don’t flow as nicely either. It’s been hard to creatively write, let alone write a blog post, but having said that, when you are doing something you love you find a way to make it happen.

I’m often asked where my ideas for my blog posts come from. My best and most original answer would have to be ‘reflective life experience’, not always mine but those that have been shared with me in one form or another. Sometimes the ideas erupt from conversations and discussions which I find myself participating in or at least listening to, and sometimes the ideas evolve from issues or problems which either I am, or people I know are, dealing with. Sometimes my posts come from inside the glass house, sometimes I feel the need to keep it real, and yes, sometimes I even find myself snapping my fingers and waving my finger, my other hand on my hip, claiming I’m “just sayin’ “.

Social media can provide a lot of interesting food for thought as well. Sometimes I will see a status post, an inspirational (or not-so-inspirational) quote, or even a story which I feel the need to add my two cents worth to. There are weeks when my posts are better received than others, and that’s ok. I realize that not everyone will find each and every topic which I write about interesting or even relative to their lives, but I know that they can at least relate to some of them.

I’ve also had several requests for blog topics which is definitely another way in which I get my post ideas. I love getting requests, although it can be a bit nerve-wracking to write on a topic someone has asked my opinion on. I will always give my honest perspective even knowing that it may not always be the same perspective that others have or the perspective that they want to hear. I guess the nerves take effect, not so much in that others need to agree with me, but in the hope that they will at least be able to appreciate the points which I am attempting to make.

Some writers have muses, things or people who help them find their creativity to produce their works. I’m not sure that I have a muse per se, but I do have characters who form themselves in my mind and who inspire me to tell their stories. I like to think those characters are creations taken from little bits of people in my lives, including myself. My settings are usually places which are familiar to me, or that I have visited and stick out in my mind in some way. At times, I have to receive clarification on those places, getting the finer details from people who are more familiar with the places I write about than I am. ‘Research’, I believe this is called in the professional writing world. The problems and conflicts which arise in my writings are often completely out of my imagination, so those ideas simply come as a gift, I believe.

The best and most gratifying moments of writing are the “a-ha” moments. Those times when suddenly a clear, concise, and fresh perspective takes shape in a blog post or an exciting new twist in a story comes into mind. Those are the times that I love most about writing: everything fits, everything is clear, and everything makes sense.

Sometimes life is like that. We have days, weeks, months, maybe even years where we may just seem to be “getting by”. There may seem to be few moments of true inspiration and inspiring elements in the day-to-day drudgery we find ourselves in (especially with a winter which seems like it may never end). But, those “light bulb moments” brightening your day and the “a-ha moments” which make the trials of the week rewarding will happen if we believe that they will.

There weren’t any light bulbs, muses, or a-ha moments aiding me in writing my post this week. No sparks or flashes of fire to ignite a burning flame of creative glory for your reading pleasure. There was simply a woman who loves to write, who sat down in front of her laptop determined to simply write. And that’s ok too.


One thought on “Light Bulbs, Muses, and A-ha Moments (K.Blais)

  1. You are most def right!! One doesn’t always have to have all the right answers, words, or topics. What really matters is how you go through this life touching peoples hearts and minds with all the little things you do ❤ I loved reading this though, It shows just how much you love to write, and how no matter what you can always pull through and write from the heart!! Great post my friend!! xo

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