What It Means (To Me) To Be Writer (K.Blais)

It has been a busy week, but somehow, even in the hustle and bustle of it all, I have spent a lot of time writing. When the creativity bug hits, it’s truly an itch that needs to be scratched. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Busy people get things done’? It’s usually when I am the busiest that I feel most inspired.

Maybe I’m not a published writer (yet), but here is a list of things that I thought of this week that make me feel like a real writer:

  • I spend hours writing in front of my laptop and it feels like only a few minutes have passed.
  • The floors are dirty, the laundry piles up but there just isn’t time for that “stuff”.
  • I live more in the fictional world I have created than the real one, sometimes I get the two mixed up, and sometimes it’s hard to choose one over the other.
  • My characters seem real to me, like I have known them for a long time and we are reliving memories together.
  • Frameworks, outlines, and story structures don’t work for me – I am, as a friend so kindly put it, a “free flowing type”.
  • Jot notes work, but I tend to avoid mapping out too much of the story. I like to be just as surprised in the story while I am writing it as my readers.
  • Anything and everything is inspiration – a quote, a picture, a name, a situation, a place, even the weather.
  • My friends have gotten used to my random, quirky questions, even the odd, what-in-the-world-are-you-asking-me-that-for? questions. Better yet, they don’t even bat an eye now when I ask or begin talking about strange things.
  • My friends have also gotten used to everything being a possible story event or, at least, injected somehow into my writing. Sometimes it frightens them, other times it doesn’t.
  • At times people look at you differently – like she’s the one who wrote the blog about _______. It’s usually a good thing.
  • Other times it feels like people distance themselves from you too, for whatever reason. Sometimes that’s an awkward thing.
  • Most days, I’d rather write than do anything else.
  • I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again (at the risk of sounding a bit off the wall), the characters tell the story to me. I just record it. It’s neither creepy nor odd. I honestly don’t know any other way to write.
  • Writing is the fun part; I’d rather just write and leave the other details to someone else. If I could, I’d hire someone to look after the rest: searching for an agent, finding a publisher, marketing my book.
  • I write for my own enjoyment, but I love when others enjoy my writing. There is a deep satisfaction I get when people want to talk to me about my blogs, my novels, or my characters. Usually when people feel strongly about something, they want to talk about it. That’s a huge compliment to a writer.

I may not be a well-known author, and I may not have anything other than a couple of second draft manuscripts sitting on my shelf and some loyal blog readers, but in my heart I am a writer. I have a jar of skittles sitting on my desk and a notebook always on hand. I write when I can; it’s a priority for me. To me, that’s what it means to be writer. The rest: the agent, the publishing, the success, will come when the time is right. For now, I do what I love and I love what I do. I am a writer.


8 thoughts on “What It Means (To Me) To Be Writer (K.Blais)

  1. My dearest Kimberly, you are very successful in my eyes. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives and we look forward, each and every week to see what you have to say. Thank you for sharing your blog.

  2. Yes you def are a writer 🙂 As I scroll and read through your material, I can only shake my head and say….. How did I become so lucky to have a friend, a pinkie swear, and a sister like you in my life ❤ I am so pround of all that you are accomplishing Kim!! You will soon have that copy published, if I have to take a course on how to be an agent, trust me I will! 🙂 Good things are coming, keep up the great work my dear, xoxo

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