What Matters Most (K.Blais)

I borrowed the title for my blog post this week from a book which I recently picked up off my bookshelf which I had received a long time ago as a gift. Written by Luanne Rice, it’s a book aptly named after its title. Check it out on goodreads here.

The book and its title got me thinking about what matters most in our own lives and what priorities we put first. There are always a million things to do: things that have to be done and things that we want to do. We seldom find enough time to do everything, let alone the stuff that is most important to us.

Lately, in our household, we have been talking a lot about priorities and completing the numerous things that need to be done in order of their importance as opposed to the order in which we might feel like doing them. It’s not always easy to do that. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing yard work when you’d rather be writing, or fixing the car when you’d rather be tinkering on your four wheeler, or better yet, driving it. Sometimes being a “grown-up” is harder than we think. Sometimes what matters most is doing what is best for everyone, not just ourselves.

What matters most aren’t always the physical things that need to be done. Sometimes what matters most are the little things: taking a moment to read your daughter a book even though you have many other things to do, taking the time to talk to your son about his day because he wants to chat, answering the phone, even when you’re busy, and talking to a friend who needs a listening ear. Sometimes what matters most are the smallest things that make the biggest differences.

There are times when what matters most are the things that you know you need to do in order to feel better about yourself and your own well-being. At times this can take the form of placing more of a focus on your health and fitness levels. It may be taking the time to make sure that you get your exercise in for the day. It can mean planning healthy meals and snack options so that you can stay on track with your weight loss goals. It could mean taking an extra few moments to find some inner peace through prayer or meditation before you begin or as you end a hectic day. What matters most may be doing something that brings you a little bit of happiness in whatever way possible.

The days where it feels like everything and everyone in the world is against you are the times when it is most important to remember what matters most. On these days, I personally find that a refocus on my 3 F’s helps: Faith, Family, and Friends. And, yes, sometimes this is easier said than done. Sometimes we get so consumed with the worries and frets of daily life that we forget to reach out to those who can help us through the tough times. When we do remember to reach out, then there are times when we forget to thank those people for being such a blessing to us. There are days when we find ourselves so involved with things and issues that shouldn’t matter, that we forget how important the ones are that do matter!

What matters most is different for each and every one of us, and sometimes a refocus on our priorities can determine the difference between what matters most for the moment and what matters most for long term gain. It can be a daily struggle to try to remember to put what matters most first and not get bogged down in the other things that often consume our time and our lives. When this inevitably occurs, it is important to remember to SIMPLIFY, to be Living Life, and to cherish the people that are most important and show our appreciation to them. What matters most is that we realize, acknowledge, and take the time to count our blessings.

What matters most to you?

(photo courtesy of pennyturko.com)

(Dear Readers, Thank you for being an important part of what matters most to me! J Love, ~ K ~ )


2 thoughts on “What Matters Most (K.Blais)

  1. What beautiful words ❤ Everyday we all take the small things and what really matters most for granted. This Blog def opened my eyes and my mind to what should really matter most to me 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing xo

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