Seeing Is Believing Part 2 (K.Blais)

In last week’s blog post, Seeing Is Believing, I shared that I had gone on a wee girlie adventure with three special gals to check out the legend behind Buck Hill. As promised, here is the continuation of our adventure and some photos and video footage of the experience.

(An excerpt from last week’s post)… Even in the daylight, the gate which closed off the property seemed a bit daunting. We turned around a little past the gate and then parked in front of it. It was then that we decided to return that evening to see what the legend was all about.
Later that evening, once the kiddies were tucked into their trailer beds and the men were instructed to parent, the gals (me, “W”, and Dollface) headed out to pick up Embrace Your Awesomeness (EYA) at a nearby campsite. Even that part was a bit mysterious – EYA’s cell phone had putzed out and we were sending messages to her through her hubby’s phone.

We were all a bit mystified and nervous about the evening. The darkness of the night was only intensified the further we drove into the countryside and away from the lights of the main highway. When we arrived at Buck Hill Road I stepped out of the vehicle momentarily to snap the picture below. It didn’t go unnoticed how much cooler and more damp the evening had gotten. I couldn’t stop shivering which is probably why the photo is a bit blurry.

I started the video footage below as we drove up Buck Hill Road. Please be aware that the following video may include coarse language and adult content. Viewer discretion is advised. Also please note that I am, by no means, a skilled videographer. (The small bluish light you occasionally see on the screen is the compass direction of the vehicle.)

The next video clip was taken after our first attempt at calling (not worthy of video) didn’t work. It’s titled Buck Hill Take 2.

So, we didn’t “see” Daddy but we never really figured out what the whistling sound was either. (The problem with the security light flashing on the vehicle when we shut it off meant that we had to leave the vehicle running the whole time which may have affected our results.)

The owner of our campsite later told us that he believed any lights that have been seen are only lights from the Wilno Hills. I’m not sure why they would be green, coming out of the woods and swaying back and forth as if walking from one side to the other though?

There are many stories and theories about Buck Hill and its authenticity. We later learned from EYA that we may not have even been at the right gate along the road anyway. Oh well, there’s always next time.

If seeing is believing then I guess I can’t say that I believe that Buck Hill is haunted, but after seeing this Ghost Chasers video on YouTube I can understand why some might. (Once again, viewer discretion is advised! There’s something about being scared out of your pants that brings out everyone’s finest language!)

Have a look at the videos and see. If you live in the area, you may even want to drive up to Buck Hill yourself and test it out. You can choose to believe for yourself or not. After all, for you seeing just might be believing.

(Dear Readers, Thank you for taking the time to read and watch our video footage. Special thanks to the gals for letting me film our experience and for being such good sports! Love, ~ K ~ )


6 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing Part 2 (K.Blais)

  1. LOL an adventure it was 🙂 I’m just so glad to have been a part of it all 🙂 I’m still determined to hike to explore the farmhouse during the day with some poor brave soul willing to join me 🙂

  2. Great job Girl!! Def was a great fun adventure!! Would not have wanted to go with anyone else. we all braved the elements and dove right in! 🙂 Still think we have to go during the day for that hike!! Then possibly the same night to see what we shook up!! 🙂 What do ya say!!

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