Seeing Is Believing (K.Blais)

This week I am still on my camping holiday, on a beautiful lake at the same lovely campsite. I have transitioned into a more “relaxed” state, somewhat, but still looking for things “to do” I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try something new. I summoned up some courage and did some things which were new to me: I drove a sea doo all by myself, I went to an all-you-can-eat polish buffet, I purchased some tie-dye at a quaint little shop, and my girls and I braved a venture to the infamous Buck Hill to see what its legend was all about.

The adventure to Buck Hill actually occurred in two parts – on the way back to the lake after over consuming at the polish buffet we decided to take a turn onto the road aptly named after the legend itself. The dirt, side road was quite usual at first, with houses scattered intermittently along the right hand side. The road, I am told, is used by logging trucks quite often which explained its good condition. After a few moments of driving we seemed to leave civilization behind as we drove deeper and deeper into the forested area. The road became quite hilly as each incline grew steeper and steeper. Even in the daylight, the gate which closed off the property seemed a bit daunting.

In case you are unfamiliar with the legend of Buck Hill it goes something like this:

During the Depression and a harsh winter storm, a logger returned to his home on Buck Hill Road. He told his wife and daughter to remain indoors while he went to bring in some firewood. When he returned, his wife told him that their pet dog had gotten out of the house and the young girl had ran out in order to call him back and she had not yet returned. The anxious father grabbed his lantern and began to search for his missing child. The distraught father searched up and down Buck Hill Road to no avail. The young girl had simply vanished into the night never to be seen again. As the legend goes, the logger went mad with grief and never gave up his search. He continued to comb the area nightly with his lantern until his death. Locals who live in the area believe that the logger continues his search to this very day. (Information courtesy of

I will be honest. I don’t really believe in ghost stories, but they often intrigue me. I wondered what it would be like to sit in wait, like so many others, flashing the car lights three times and calling out “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”. I wondered if we too would see the orb of light coming up the road, swaying like a lantern.

We decided to return that night, when it was dark, to see if the legend would hold true for us as well.

Armed with my iPad and some adventurous girlfriends, my “W”, Dollface, and fellow blogger Embrace Your Awesomeness, who we picked up along the way, we ventured up Buck Hill Road in search of a little adventure.

I have some video documentation and some photos which I will share in my next blog when I am connected to stable wifi. Until then, Seeing Is Believing will be continued…


One thought on “Seeing Is Believing (K.Blais)

  1. 🙂 what a fun blog my friend!! Hoping we can get to see that legend soon 😉 Hope many more adventures are to come xo

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