Sharing Sandy: The Making of Letters From Heaven, Love Mom xo (K. Blais)


When Sandy Bucholtz decided to write letters to her children to share her thoughts and love with them, she never dreamed that they would one day become a book. She had written all her life but her writing had always remained private. After the loss of her mother-in-law and the death of the parents of a friend of hers, Sandy was hit with the realization that to most, death seemed final. Hearing the sad words of her friend, “I wish I could just talk to my mom and dad about this!” moved Sandy to tears. Then the sudden death of a dear friend of Sandy’s (who was the same age as she was and had two young children), forced her to come to terms with the brevity of our time in this world. She realized how important it was to make sure that the special people in her life knew how she felt about them. She looked at her own children after tucking them into bed at night and wondered what would they ever do if they lost their mother? So she began to write. One letter became two and pretty soon she had a homemade binder on her kitchen counter filled with letters of love, promise, and guidance for her children to read and hold close when it was to be her time to be taken from this earth.

Sandy never thought that those words, those letters, would become a book that would inspire, encourage, and heal others. She shared her cherished letters with a few trusted friends and then found the courage to share the letters with friends who had suffered the loss of a mother. Each person she shared her writings with was touched in some way and each person got from them that ‘something’ they had been searching for.

Connecting with a self-publishing company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, called Launch Pad Publishing, Inc., Sandy’s dream began to unfold. With the help and guidance of Faye Levow, editor and publisher for Launch Pad, Sandy turned her dream into a reality.

Letters From Heaven, Love Mom xo takes the reader through a series of letters addressed to a loved one and signed by Sandy. The letters offer praise, guidance, spiritual counseling, inspiration, and a deep love to its readers. Interspersed among the letters are beautiful works of “heart” by the very talented Evelyn Ballin, as well as the lovely artwork of Nicole J. Cote. There are also pages for the reader to write down his or her own thoughts, messages, and memories. Picking up this book and reading it is like having a conversation with Sandy, who just so happened to become a friend of mine.

After hearing that a woman from my home town had published a book, I cyber-stalked Sandy for a couple of days, creeping her on Facebook, reading her blog, and checking out her website at before my husband bought me a copy of Letters From Heaven, Love Mom xo as a gift. I read it, was intrigued, and I knew that I had to meet its author. It wasn’t hard; I found out that Sandy had married my best friend’s cousin. So, we met for coffee one evening and hit it off immediately. I had a lot of questions for her about her book, as well as a writer interested in publishing. I now stalk her regularly by text and through twitter and facebook messages. It’s a good thing she’s ok with stalking.

It took awhile before Sandy actually considered herself an author. She now proudly lists ‘Author’ as her occupation and is hoping to someday write a companion book to Letters From Heaven Love Mom xo.

As a determined, independent author, Sandy looks forward to the challenges that every new day brings as she encourages each and every one of us “to own and embrace (our) own authenticity – even during the most difficult times” (taken from Letters From Heaven, Love Mom xo, About the Author). Sandy encourages each and every one of us to follow our dreams. I have looked to Sandy for advice and she has often encouraged me personally to believe that my goals are possible and achievable as long as I believe in them and in myself.

Sandy is hoping to hold an official launch of her book in the near future, and I proudly support her in this endeavor. You can find her book in local area stores, online at, featured on Good Reads, and personally through Sandy herself. Please like her Facebook page, Sandy Bucholtz “Embrace Your Awesomeness”, and check out her blog here.

(Dear Readers, Thank you again for your encouragement and support. Positive thoughts and tremendous belief, ~ K ~)



3 thoughts on “Sharing Sandy: The Making of Letters From Heaven, Love Mom xo (K. Blais)

  1. Beautiful words my girl!! Yes I must admit when the sudden death of our dear friend happened, I was speechless, immediately brough to tears 😦 Then a short time later I found out another dear friend and (relative) had published a book in honor or her children, I just knew I had to read it!! Our time on this earth is a short one and we are only here on loan, so we must must make the best of it and have no regrets!! We must tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us, every chance we get!! Great blog my dear. And thanks for writing “Letters From Heaven Love Mom” Sandy ❤

  2. Kim, your words of encouragement and undying support couldn’t have come at a better time. I had tears reading this. My heart is filled with gratitude to have you as a dear friend in my life….feel free to stalk me anytime you like 😉
    With love, always,
    Sandy xo

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