Everything INCREDIBLE (K. Blais)

A few weeks ago, when I wrote Living, Writing, and Shootin’ Skeet, I mentioned that I was adding Skeet Shooting to my list of “Things I Wanna Do”. I’ve been thinking a lot about that list and I’ve decided to rename it. Its new name: Everything INCREDIBLE.

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Some people choose to call such a list a “Bucket List” (a term made famous by the movie), or “Things I Want to do Before I Die”. I prefer to think of my list as a list of things I would like to experience as I celebrate my journey through life. I believe that the journey is truly the reward.

I should mention that I love lists. (You may have noticed that I even love including lists in my blog posts!) I think that a list gives a good visual to the reader and provides accountability to the writer. I find a sense of accomplishment in checking things off my list as well. It is exceptionally helpful and encouraging to see progress and to have my ideas laid out in order. What better time to revisit a list, maybe even to modify it a bit, at the beginning of Spring?

So here is my list, in no particular order after the first. (The first item on my list is actually the goal I’d most like achieve, in the near future.) Everything INCREDIBLE was actually created with the help of my “W” and some of these same activities appear on her personal list too. It’s a lengthy list, and a bit fantastical, but that’s ok. I think it is better to have a long list of adventures, even if some of them are a tad wild, to choose from, as opposed to a short list of broader, “safe” events. Variety and choice are the seasonings in life. Life is about living, not just getting by!

In addition to sharing this list with you, dear readers, each and every time I get to “check off” an item from Everything INCREDIBLE I will blog about it in order to share my experiences. This could end up being a lot of fun, for everyone! (I hope!)

Everything INCREDIBLE (Draft Version)

  1. Publish something, anything, every thing.
  2. Travel to Australia and act out the first Crocodile Dundee movie. (Except for the scary crocodile-biting-the-water-bottle part because, let’s be honest, that was a close call!)
  3. Take up hiking as a hobby. (Having just moved to the ‘mountainside’, I think this one might be fairly easy to accomplish.)
  4. Travel to the Holy Land.
  5. Walk in a vineyard. (I’m thinking Tuscany, but I won’t be picky.)
  6. Swim under a waterfall. (I’m going to do this one soon!)
  7. Hire a personal assistant. (Trust me, I need one).
  8. Spend a day at the spa, guilt-free, (as in no Mommy or financial guilt – I’d like to see if that is even possible?!)
  9. Be a super excited contestant on the Price Is Right AND get on stage to kiss Drew Carey. (That might not appeal to some, but I find him hilarious!)
  10. Be a character in a third Sex and The City movie. (Maybe a fifth sassy woman to the fabulous foursome?!)
  11. Find an undiscovered island. (Which after I find it will no longer be undiscovered, a sort of paradox…?)
  12. Hop in a taxi and tell the driver to “take me somewhere interesting”.
  13. Be part of a radio show (either as interviewer or interviewee).
  14. Go sailing. (I have this romantic vision of myself as an elegant woman dressed in flowing, ‘sailing’ clothes and a fabulous floppy hat…)
  15. Exchange writing ideas with Joy Fielding.
  16. Learn to play squash.
  17. Learn how to shoot skeet. (You knew that one was going to be in there!)
  18. Go horseback riding through the mountains and/or on a beach.
  19. Choose a country and learn not only the language that is spoken there, but also study its customs, its cuisine, its art, and its history. Visit said country one day. (Any suggestions, my beloved readers from around the world?)
  20. Scuba dive in the Barrier Reef (Australia). (During my breaks from acting out Crocodile Dundee, of course.)
  21. Go hiking in the rainforest.
  22. Drive down Route 66. (To be honest, I’ve really wanted to do this since seeing the Cars movie).
  23. Swim with dolphins.
  24. Save a species from extinction.
  25. Go island hopping in the Caribbean (It doesn’t really matter which islands as long as they’re tropical.)
  26. Donate blood.
  27. Get out of debt.
  28. Take a dip in a public fountain.
  29. Pay for a stranger’s meal.
  30. Go white water rafting.
  31. Run a 5K. (A real run – none of this walk/run stuff which I have done before…)
  32. Meet Jim Cuddy. (Maybe I can even convince him to let me sing with him…? You know, just for fun. He can even wear earplugs, I don’t really mind.)
  33. Receive an apology from my high school English teacher who told me that I would never be more than a technical writer. (Even if those were not his exact words, those are the words which I will always remember).
  34. Learn from those words of my high school English teacher and remember that every thing I say can have a meaning to someone: Work towards inspiring someone to pursue his/her dreams.
  35. Retire from my day job and spend my days writing, reading, gardening, and enjoying my children and (future) grandchildren.

Yes, it’s a crazy list, but that’s what makes it fun. It’s a draft version, so there are always room for edits and rewrites. For now, I think I’m going to get working (again) on #1.

Take some time for yourself and consider: what would your list of Everything INCREDIBLE look like?

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3 thoughts on “Everything INCREDIBLE (K. Blais)

  1. Great blog hon, 🙂 Fun and enlightening!! I Sure hope i am going to be included in some, or most of these adventures 😉 I am already counting down the days until #1 is scratched off your list 😀 I know it will happen soon! As for the others, you will def be crossing some of thoes off if I can help it!! Thanks for sharing, xo

  2. Great perspective and what a great list. I believe that one of the best feelings is crossing something off a list and feeling a sense of accomplishment. When it is a list of goals and dreams it is an even better feeling. Keep up the amazing work and number 1 on your list will be crossed off before you know it and you will be knocking the list down one by one after that.

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