Ten Tangible Things That I Cannot Live Without (K.Blais)

It has been a stressful week, dear readers, so I decided that this blog will be a blog that’s a fun one!

Ten things that I cannot (rather, choose not) to live without:
(They appear, after the first, in no particular order)

1) The three ‘Fs’ : Faith, Family, and Friends. These three things (ok, big groups of things), keep me centered, grounded, and on the straight path in life. My faith anchors me in the good times and bad and is the true stronghold of my life. My family gives me unconditional love and strength when I am weak. My friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie jar of life. I don’t know where I’d be without any of my ‘F’s.

2) My iPhone : In more general terms, technology. My iPhone is my direct line of communication with most people whether it be email, text messaging, or calling. I also use my phone for research, blogging, photography, gaming, and recording. It’s become an invaluable, timesaving (and yes at times, time wasting) tool. My laptop falls into this category too, as it is my preferred instrument for writing and blogging.

3) My glasses : Yes, I desperately need them to see. Seeing is NOT overrated as some may joke. Also, being without one’s glasses is not the same as being intoxicated. Just saying…
My glasses also add character to my face and are the finishing touches to any outfit. (That’s what I tell myself anyway.)

4) My car : The one thing that I seriously don’t want to be messed with is my means of transportation. I strongly dislike being inconvenienced in any way when it comes to getting to and from places I need / want to be. My preferred method of transport is my car. When I am without it, whether it be because it needs servicing, my husband needs (?) it, or some other life-changing event happens, I am NOT a happy traveller. If I’m travelling at all, that is. I rely on the independence of getting to and from places in the happy freedom of my Ford Flex.

5) Deodorant (aka anti-perspirant) : Seriously. I cannot live without deodorant. I know this. Deodorant was, by far, one of the best inventions, EVER. I rely on it every single day, and usually more than once. I think it should be on everyone’s list, to be perfectly honest, and if it isn’t, consider it. Please.

6) Coffee : Once again, seriously. Let’s put it this way — you do NOT want to encounter me on a no-coffee day. I start EVERY day with coffee. In fact, every day does not start UNTIL there’s coffee. Very rarely do I ever turn down coffee. Coffee is the second best invention, EVER. Trust me. You know the saying, “for instant human – add coffee”? That was written for me. (In my world it was anyway.)

7) Water : Yes, we need it to survive, but it is also something that I choose not to live without. Water is a staple of my everyday routine and diet. I drink bottles and bottles of it daily. It helps me to think clearly and function properly. Water cleanses impurities from my system and promotes good health. I also love the emotional healing aspects of water. The therapy of a hot bath, the relaxation of soaking in a hot tub, the stress relief of a hot (or cold) shower, the sound of rushing water, and the soothing sensation of simply being near water are pleasures that I truly enjoy. In thinking about water, I realized that I have lived by or near bodies of water my entire life. I think my soul has sought out water since I left my mother’s womb. (I don’t follow astrology or read horoscopes, but I know I’m not a water sign. Weird, huh?)

8) Fresh Air : Another given. We need air in order to survive, but I choose to breathe fresh air daily. Air, like water, cleanses and heals my well-being and soul. There is nothing more calming than getting a “breath of fresh air”. The term, “take a breather” was coined with this in mind, I’m sure. I’m not completely comfortable until I am near a window with air circulating around me. Wide open spaces work really well with me too. And, don’t get me started on the wind blowing through my hair…

9) Books : Having an Honours degree in English Literature and loving books? Yeah, no big surprise there. I choose to surround myself with books daily. Our shelves are lined with books at home. Even with the invention of the e Reader, Kobo, and iBooks, (and my love of technology), I still prefer to hold a book in my hands. There is something satisfying about turning the pages of a book, picking it up, putting it down, and sharing a well-worn copy with friends. I also love libraries. I’m one of those people who love the “old book smell”. I will walk through shelves and shelves of books in my local library just breathing and browsing. I love spines of books, covers of books, book jackets, and even endnotes. I love reading. I love writing. I love books.

10) This Blog and My Readers : Truth – Once the idea was suggested to me, I had to talk myself into becoming a blogger. Reality – I LOVE BLOGGING. Blogging has become an integral part of my writing journey. Through blogging I clarify my thought processes and continue to learn a lot about myself and others. I have become a master researcher (read: legend in my own mind). I love making connections between facts and feelings and then writing about them. I am so appreciative of you, my readers, who take the time to read, comment, like, and share my blogs. Without you, this blog is just words written on “a topnotch wordpress.com site”. It’s like the tree falling in the forest… If no one is around, does it make a sound? Words are just words until they are read and appreciated.

What would your list look like?

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6 thoughts on “Ten Tangible Things That I Cannot Live Without (K.Blais)

  1. Wonderful my girl! This is def another of my favorites, and do you know why…. not just because it was written by you my friend, but because it holds nothing but the truth. This blog is so true and heartfelt on so many levels. I can relate to most of the points you have just made 😀 You are a gifted writer, and blogger, keep the words coming girl! xo

  2. Well I think I realized everything on that list but was so interesting to hear you list it all. It truly is great to read so we know what makes the blogger that you are tick. Also it is great to know you appreciate your readers and the comments you receive. Great change up keep up the good work and keeping your loyal followers guessing.

  3. Lovely piece of writing Kim, it’s so nice to hear what makes you “tick” and what you think about things, and how it doesn’t do to take things for granted but to embrace and enjoy even the simple things (wind blowing in the hair eh?) which make us happy. Love Jx

  4. I just want to say I am just all new to weblog and absolutely enjoyed this blog. Likely I’m going to bookmark your blog . You really have amazing writings. Bless you for sharing with us your web-site.

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