Be – YOU – tiful!

Happy Blog Day, dear readers! Thank you again for all of the feedback you provided on Singing Soprano in an Alto World. Everything you share is truly appreciated! Thank you also for liking my page on Facebook, Writing For the Love of It. If you haven’t “liked” it yet, that’s ok! Take a look, click like, and say hello whenever you can!

I spent quite a bit of time this past week thinking about my blog and this week’s new post. I realized that while I started writing this blog as a leap, not really knowing exactly what I would blog about, I truly didn’t intend for it to become a “don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff/you-can-do-it!” style of blog. But, having said that, I have no regrets! I’m enjoying this venue of communicating with readers. It’s like having a great chat with a good friend!

Blogging has become a way for me to write uniquely; “a different avenue to helping find (my) writer’s voice”, as a close friend so kindly encouraged me. I am a fiction writer at heart. I create worlds where people live, laugh, and love, but also where they hurt, cry, betray, and forgive. However, as I was leaping out of my comfort zone, dodging bullets in my securing fastened Kevlar vest, all the while singing soprano, I realized that if I was feeling these things, going through these challenges, others probably were also. While we are all individuals, there are things that make us the same in many ways too. Our struggles when we are “different” and working at freeing ourselves from the need to please others, when we have an alternate voice in the choir, or when we hold a different outlook on life, all link us together as feeling human beings.

Our differences may make us stand out in a crowd. They may subject us to closer scrutiny by others. Putting ourselves ‘out there’ may subject us to judgment and, possibly, ridicule. It is no secret that bullying is a huge issue in society today. It can take the form of ridicule, but also physical contact, harassment, exclusion, taunting, etc. Our children are educated about it in their schools, adults are aware of it, but yet it still exists. It can still prevail in the schoolyard, on the sports teams, in the office: everywhere. And yes, even adults, bully.

Bullying often occurs when someone doesn’t understand, or is afraid of differences. If you help others to understand how you are different, and why, you are educating them. Knowledge empowers. You can open the doors to a different perspective. You can encourage the acceptance of a different point of view.

Being yourself shouldn’t be something that you are ashamed of, or something that you have to hide. We are all unique in our own way. This uniqueness is something to celebrate! Each one of us is beautiful – “You were wonderfully and beautifully made.” This beauty should not be judged by society’s standards, but by the value we place on ourselves and by celebrating the gifts that make us different. This celebration shouldn’t have to be done to the pleasing of others, but to the satisfaction of ourselves and our beliefs.

Stand up for yourself and for what YOU believe. Empower yourself, and others, with knowledge. Be the person YOU want to be. You can be un – YOU – sual. You are YOU-nique. Be who you were created to be, as long as you are being YOU.

You are Be – YOU – tiful.

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11 thoughts on “Be – YOU – tiful!

  1. WOW, You always take my breath away with your words hon, more than you know πŸ™‚ Listen , or should I say read it loud and clear folks this woman is speaking the truth, and nothing but!! You def have the ability to grab your readers attention Kim and keep them reading on and on πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work girl until next time keep being YOU!! xo Jen

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I really enjoy reading your blogs. This one is one of my favorites. You definately get the readers attention. It just keeps me wanting to read more and more of them. Will be looking forward to every Thursday and to reading your book πŸ™‚ Roxanne

  3. Hello Miss Kimberly,

    Congratulations again on putting yourself out there. You become braver and more Be-You-tiful everyday. Stand tall and don’t let any bully take you down. Did you listen to that wonderful song?

    I just finished reading your blog and clicked on Sandy’s to see what she had to offer. She talked about her anxiety once she hit post and the anxiety in waiting for a response. And how exciting it is to receive a like or a comment. So I just wanted you to know, I’m reading and enjoying your blog. I may not get to them every Thursday, but at some point during the week, when I have the time to devote myself to your blog, I read it and picture you at your computer writing.

    Follow your dreams.

    • Thank you, Natty! I appreciate your comments and your support. That song is wonderful. I shared it with my students and it has led to some wonderful anti-bullying themes and messages in our classroom. I am glad you are reading and enjoying. Thank you xo

  4. These are some inspiring words to live by for sure. It is totally awesome to be able to feel the great sense of worth when somebody see’s your good and you see all that they can accomplish. Your blog always makes me think of what a great person you are.

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