Fastening My Kevlar…

So… it’s not Thursday, this I know. It’s only Monday, for crying out loud! Let’s call this a BONUS blog.

Since posting “Dodging Bullets in a Bulletproof Vest”, I’ve received a lot of feedback and I’ve done a lot of thinking. Many of you were wonderfully ready, willing, and eager to share your Kevlars. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Through conversation, and listening, really listening, I realized I may have been remiss in accurately describing my idea of the bulletproof vest.

Firstly, I know that I am not perfect. I am flawed in my own unique ways. Yes, I try to see myself in a positive light, but as much as I strive for “perfection” I know I will never achieve it. My self-image is not about simply putting on a vest and becoming invincible. It’s much more detailed than that.

I know I am only as confident as I believe myself to be, because what I think I am. I doubt myself each day, and that’s ok. I also know that I don’t stand under gunfire alone. My Kevlar has fasteners that hold it together and to me. Without those fasteners, the armour falls apart into pieces.

My faith in God gets me through my bullet dodging. My support system, my family and my trusted friends, are there to help pick me up when I fall down. My God-given instincts and intelligence direct me in my decision-making and problem-solving. The “fasteners” of my vest are the gifts and blessings given to me. They are not earned or deserved. They are what and who they are. 

Once again, dodging bullets can be tricky. Dodging is like turning the other cheek. And how many times should we do that? “Seventy times seven”? Yes. I believe this with my whole heart. Every time I take a “hit” and think that I can’t handle much more, I am shown that I have the inner strength to lose count. I find the courage to forgive and to replace a negative experience with a positive example. I can stand back up, Kevlar and fasteners still intact.

My Kevlar is not just a vest. I know I am only as strong as the fasteners which hold my vest in place. It’s all the parts put together of the Kevlar that make the armour as strong as it is.


10 thoughts on “Fastening My Kevlar…

  1. Your blogs give me lots of strength, sometimes they are just want I need to hear to make it through another trial, or turmoil. It is encouragement to find the strength to find peace with the rough of life, reset the negative for the positive.

  2. WOW!! Yet another sensational truth from by BESTIE!! You Never fail to amaze me my friend, you truly are an inspiration to me an many. I know with all this hard work, determination and adventures you are putting into this, you will be coming out on top!! So here is to all the maps we have to read and figure out together!! I will be with you every step of the way my dear 🙂 xo ❤

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