Beyond the Leap

Hello again, dear readers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read “me” and my blog. I truly appreciate all of your feedback and support! Your requests to read more are motivating and inspiring!

So here I am, beyond my leap…

I will be perfectly honest with you. Each day after posting my first blog, I have been tempted to fall back into the comfort zone which protected me, shielded me, and kept me flying under the radar for thirty five years. I wake up in the early morning hours with a knot in my stomach, asking myself, What have I done? What have I gotten myself into? Better yet, how do I get myself out of this? I wonder whether I have leapt too far, said too much or too little, alienated friends, family, or even people I do not know by ‘putting myself out there’. The truth of the matter is: I have put myself out there, but I’m not a quitter. There’s no turning back!

The thought occurred to me, the other day, that a leap is really about creating a new norm of comfort. Once we leap out of a comfort zone, we strategize and re-organize our thoughts and feelings until we become ‘comfortable’ again. That thought, in itself, was comforting (see what I mean?), but then I realized – wait! Once a new comfort zone is created, I will eventually have to leap out of that one too! Yikes! Am I ready for all of this leaping?  

Theories suggest it takes between 21 and 28 days to form a habit (good or bad). In moving beyond the leap, I find myself establishing new regulations and habits for what is “usual”, as well as new norms for myself. There’s always the risk of failure, discouragement, and the fear of the “unknown”, but it’s part of the process. I know that it will take a while, and that’s OK. (One of my biggest lessons in life is to learn patience!) ‘After the leap’ is an opportunity to re-discover myself and what’s important to me. Through my blog, I am continuing to develop my writer’s voice. I am re-discovering myself and who I am beyond my old comfort zone. I’m pushing myself to be a stronger, more vivid writer. I truly believe that until we are aware that the unknown can be exciting and uplifting, we won’t ever quite realize and come to understand our own potential. How sad it is when we ignore the gifts given to us and we simply settle.

Many of us live with regrets, with opportunities missed, and the road not taken. The should’ves, could’ves, and would’ves invade our thoughts. They nag at us with their disappointed voices. Stop and listen. It’s never too late. When all is said, done, and written, dear readers, I can say (after I’ve pushed away the early morning knot of doubt and had my cup of coffee confidence) : There are no should’ves, would’ves, or could’ves here. There is simply the knowledge that beyond my leap lie my dreams and I will advance confidently towards them.


12 thoughts on “Beyond the Leap

  1. Good for you girl!! You truly are a person of comfort, but in the last few weeks I have come to realize what a leaper you have become. 🙂 You have taken leaps no one (including you) never though you would take, and look at you now full of life and love in a new comfort zone! I always believed in you Kim, and am counting the days until I can read your first LEAP!! When you let me read one of your short stories some time ago I new you had a hidden talent, that was wanting and deserving to bust out! So all I can say is keep pushing and busting out of your comfort zones, and all will fall into place. Love you and keep leaping xo

  2. I know that I have known you for quiet some time, but in the past couple of months I have been able to get to know you better. I am so glad you have decided to do this, because you are inspiring many of us not to settle, but to follow our dreams or goals. I have in the past have settled, in many things but I Enjoy reading your blogs and I find that give me that little push and inspiration for me to just get up and thrive for what I really want. So thank you for writing, I will be reading! 🙂

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