Here’s To Leaping!

Wow! My first blogging moment. I never thought I would be doing this, to be perfectly honest. Writing a blog is, in fact, a complete leap out of my comfort zone. While I love to write, I have not shared much of my own writing, except with a few close friends. Yes: I like to colour within the lines, follow the rules, and stay close to home. Blogging really forces you to put yourself out there, doesn’t it? And, so, the protective bubble bursts and the walls come crumbling down. Bear with me, dear readers. We may be in for an interesting ride!

Why blog, you might ask? A dear author friend, who is kindly mentoring me along my writing journey, recommended it. In fact, she said, “Do it.” So, being the good girl that I am (haha), I listened. Then the next question arose. What in the world do I write about? Do I make it a funny, witty blog about random things? Do I spend hours researching so I can write about things that will educate my readers? Do I write about nothing (thinking Seinfeld)? I haven’t completely answered those questions myself, but if I were to hazard a guess, I would predict that this blog will be about everything and nothing, all at the same time. I hope to write whatever strikes me as relevant at the time, and in whatever voice that is screaming to be heard.

I write because I love it. I love to create a world in which my characters live, love, hurt, and betray. As a writer, I build worlds in which characters, people, live. I love with them, cry with them, feel for them. I write for enjoyment, for myself and for others. If reading is an escapism for a reader, writing is the escapism for an author.

I have written a novel. (There, I said it!) I am now working on another. I hope to finish the final edits of my first novel shortly and give them to a few select readers ; the domestic engineer, the environmental statistician, the educator, and the stay-at-home mom. Their thoughts and opinions are important to me, because they are important to me also. Constructive feedback is critical in order to improve. Seven years of hard work have evolved into almost four hundred pages of love, lust, deception, and betrayal. I am so caught up in this world I have created, I cannot tell if it is four hundred pages of really great writing or… not. Sharing this is huge to me, but I know that it is something I have to do in working towards the next step in my journey. I know that sharing my words with the real world is yet another leap out of the zone of comfort in which I have lived the majority of my life.

I guess, dear readers, if I am to leave you with one thought, it would be this: Sharing your writing is a bit like exposing yourself. You never know if people are going to stop and revel at the beauty of it all, or point and laugh. I suppose, it’s a leap you take.


18 thoughts on “Here’s To Leaping!

  1. I LOVE it Kim, so glad you have finally decided to take your leap. You have been working so hard on something you love to do. I can not wait to read your novel and will give you my honest opinion of what I think about it. I just know deep down you are truly an author at heart, and you deserve to show it off to the world!! Keep working hard my friend and eveything will fall into place I just know it!! “Good things come to thoes who wait” You truly are a great friend, and I am blessed to be a part of your life. Can ya hear me now…. YEAH!!

  2. Amazing! I can’t wait to read your novel and will test-read it for you, if you wish!. You certainly have a way with words. Looking forward to your blogs.

  3. Great first blog! Have you ever seen those pictures of Morgan Freeman and there’s writing on the picture? And you read those words in Morgan Freeman’s voice? Well I’m reading your blog, with your voice. This blog is totally your personality coming out! I can’t wait to read more about your thoughts and the different voices in your head (as long as they don’t get too crazy lol). This makes me VERY excited to read your novel, since I will definitely be reading it in your voice. It will be a total different experience as I’ve never known an author’s real voice. I just can’t wait. Good for you Kim to step out of your comfort zone. Look around and see all your supporters. We will all be here behind you, no matter what! You rock girl!

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